July 31, 2008

The Sounds of more Sounds

In keeping with the awesome audio mixtapes (thanks!), I thought I'd make one too. Instead of music this is sort of a radio show mixtape. Some of these will download in to itunes, some will stream. Either way, enjoy listening at your leisure.

Jonathan Goldstein- Wiretap. CBC Radio. Lots of segments from his show are availabe - totally funny!
Click on "This One's For The Children"

Episode 323: The Super. From This American Life.
The second story is quite possibly one of the best ever: Act Two - Benchpressing Snowman by Josh Bearman.

This last one is a favorite radio show on WNYC - The Brian Lehrar Show.
He broadcast for a few days from the Aspen Ideas Festival; July 3rd and 4th (this link is the first one).

July 30, 2008

from the desktop of bubbles inc.

First thanks Dan for the mix loved the spring and now the summer tunes. I followed in your footsteps and banded together some of my most played tunes from spring bleeding into summer. I may have emailed some of these to many of you late at night but here are a few in a somewhat order. I left off the Miley Cyrus tracks to spare you all. This mix is called 'Taking the A train to Jamaica Bay or I canoed the Gowanus Canal'


1. Dion - (He's Got) The Whole World In His Hands
2. Dr. Hook - Sharing The Night Together
3. Jefferson Starship - Miracles
4. Andy Kim - Baby I Love You
5. Dion - Doctor Rock n' Roll
6. Shocking Blue - Out of Sight, Out of Mind
7. Dave - Vanina
8. Ludivine Saginier - Papa T'es Plus Dans L'coup
9. France Gall and Michel Berger - Besoin d'amour
10. Ron Wood - I Can Feel The Fire
11. Eddy Grant - Romancing The Stone
12. Ween - Ocean Man
13. ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man
14. Steely Dan - Showbiz Kids (live in London July 1973)
15. Francoise Hardy - VIP
16. Fun Boy Three - Our Lips Our Sealed
17. Human League - Open Your Heart
19. Luc Van Acker & Anna Domino - Zanna
20. Esso Trinidad Steel Band - I Want You Back
21. Hopeton Lewis - Don't Take Your Guns To Town
22. Glass Candy - Iko (geto boys demo version)

The photo above is one I took around 5:30 am in the Jamaica Bay wildlife refuge this past sunday. My friend Pablo and I were trying to go to Coney Island but went the wrong way on the F train so instead of turning around we just found another beach. I recommend taking the A train to Far Rockaway and getting off at the Broad Channel stop. There was a guy on our train carrying a surfboard! We soon met the man pictured Joseph from Poland. Real interesting character. Homeless but living off the land, in queens! he showed us secret paths and said we should play chess more , "keeps the mind active.", he said.

ok hopes this works! - bubbles inc.

summer mixtape

i've decided to make a mixtape for each season of the year. i posted spring's a few months back. the idea is to choose music that vaguely fits the time of the year. this is summer's:

cover image from square america aka the best site ever

1. nick garrie, "the nightmare of j.b. stanislas"
2. julie driscoll and the brian auger trinity, "indian rope man"
3. the osyatanaa show band, "disco africa"
4. the outsiders, "i love you no. 2"
5. david axelrod, "holy thursday"
6. the go-betweens, "cattle and cane"
7. grenadine, "i only have eyes for you"
8. the bodines, "skankin queens"
9. the rolling stones, "out of time (orchestrated version)"
10. royal trux, "stop"
11. desmond dekker, "unity"
12. laurel aitken, "jericho"
13. nara leao, "fui bem feliz"
14. france gall, "chanson indienne"
15. mogollar, "sun flower"
16. p.p. arnold, "the first cut is the deepest"


let me know if those tracks don't load in the right order on your i-tunes. i'm trying to get the nuts and bolts of this right. thanks to weckles for introducing me to nick garrie and his awesomeness...

July 29, 2008

music vest

July 28, 2008

Bush Movie by Oliver Stone

there may never be a nostalgia for the past 8 (correction: 7) years, so why wait to relive it?

Gary Numan - Trois Gymnopedies Wembley Stadium 1981

durutti column - belgian friends

one of the most beautiful songs ever written

Francoise Hardy -Tous Les Garcons et Les Filles

July 25, 2008

Joe Higgs - There is a reward for me

Durutti Column "Never Know"

mohammed's radio n' shit

i'm a latebloomer when it comes to warren zevon. i could never get into him all that much until a friend insisted "dude, it is thee crucial late night drunk album" in reference to his 1976 s/t lp. boy, was he right. that record is completely perfect and i have been listening to it nonstop for a couple years now. one of the very top LA records. i wish i'd been hipped to him enough to catch a show before he died.

July 24, 2008

drinkin' bone

here's one for you, dan, and a real honest message:

next level always wins, esp. when online fantasy is involved. don't get PWNED! bummer it can't embed:


July 23, 2008

great country western titles

chris' gary stewart post got me thinking about the dark sense of humor that runs through country music titles. years ago, my friend kelly told me the title of the following deana carter song. i hadn't heard the actual song till i youtubed it a minute ago. it's not particularly good, but i think the title is funnier if she delivers it instead of me. fast forward to the 1:15 mark if the wait gets too tough:


Today a cool breath
The sun hides wet clouds loom low
Hi yucky mildew

The Gories- Thunderbird ESQ

for the purists


cruel for sure fun nonetheless

r.i.p. estelle getty

every time i act like a bitch-ass, she lives on a little...

July 22, 2008

gary stewart

i've been in a gary stewart hole for about 6 months now. i can't get enough of him. one of my very favorites. pretty intense life, dig this for some info:


way more surreal than salvador dali

couldn't resist some mean dawson:

"eat your heart out peggy fleming"

July 21, 2008

trench hand

this is for luck

misleading man

Alex Trebek has a seizure


July 20, 2008

Philip Glass - Sesame Street (extended cut)

Shop Till You Drop

gary and dan rule

ten tigers from kwantung

"anything i find becomes a weapon"

Nathan Abshire - Pine Grove Blues

July 19, 2008

the lemonheads "confetti"

have you ever suddenly thought of a song that you haven't heard in a dozen years, and then listened to it and felt like it sounded different in your memory? this kinda happened to me today with this one:

i didn't really remember the drums at all, and i forgot all about the guitar solo. i guess part of re-assessing the songs i liked from the early 90's involves tuning out guitar solos though. in my brain, this one was way more acoustic, and evan dando's voice wasn't as deep. oh well. it's still a pretty great song, and i ended up DLing the whole album, which totally rules and makes me feel like i'm 14 and finding exciting hairs all over my body.

also: this video is exactly what i thought art school would be like circa 1992... you know, like, taking some clunky old camcorder out to an abandoned old building and filming your friends playing guitar. then maybe coming back and shootin the shit with some tweedy professor who makes comparisons to william burroughs or something. bonus points for androgynous girls in dark lipstick and sprockets attire.

1992 evan dando made an even more beautiful woman than 1992 dan.

Legs & Co. - "dance" to The Eagles

After watching about an hour of Pan's People/ Legs & Co. routines, I'm certain they put the Solid Gold dancers to shame.

July 18, 2008

Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown

not exactly a perfect match for slade but a great double bill for sure.

Slade - Darlin Be Home Soon

john sebastian cover by an unlikely band. sounds almost like black flag. falling apart the whole way through.

July 17, 2008

The Parachute Men - Leeds Station

at summerstage in 1989 andy biscontini let me borrow a NME comp that had the song "sometimes in vain" on it by the parachute men. for years i had dubbed and redubbed it from cassette to cassette and is one of my all time favorite songs that i do not have a copy of and never see in record shops. "leeds station" is nowhere as good as "sometimes" but you get the idea.

I want this record as much as the Adult Net full length by Brix Smith :

The Parachute Men --"Sometimes In Vain" (1988) Fire (12" EP)

philippe garrel and '68

here is a clip from garrel's "regular lovers", a wonderful film he made a few years ago as a reflection on may '68 and the following months, lives and loves. somewhat a portrait of himself starring his son. garrel was very active in the may '68 uprisings and has spent a good amount of his career thus far making films dealing with it and the fallouts, lives after, etc. he was also married to nico for several years in the 70s and made some amazing films with her and her music. google him up, as well as the zanzibar group, for more info...he's one of my tops. this is a beautiful scene.

July 16, 2008

slavoj zizek on 'democracy now!"

i finally finished watching the complete youtubing of slavoj zizek's democracy now interview. zizek is in his usual rambling, hilarious, contrarian form (albeit a bit more sniffly than usual... cocaine or just the flu?)... he says some totally annoying stuff about the czech reforms of '68, and there's his usual everything-is-secretly-the-exact-opposite-of-what-it-seems-to-be stuff, but it gets better as it goes along. by its end, zizek is speaking less abrasively than usual, and making some unsettling claims about the alliegance between capital and authoritarianism that i found pretty spot on.

plus, you get a rare glimpse of amy goodman's sense of humor... she seems to spend the whole interview trying to not bust out laughing. i think i have a minor crush on her.

(apologies to all you non-justin folks that don't give a shit about this, etc... good luck with the show btw, hustles...)

Ron Wood + Toilet Seat Guitar

living in shadows

this is one of my favorite songs ever written. it only picks up more strength in the fact that, depending on mood, you can jam it via james carr, richard & linda thompson, the burrito bros, etc. this ry cooder performance of it is powerful! every dude on there cut the shit so long ago and you can just feel it in their vibe. moves only slightly cooridinated, unthought, but locked. harmonies perfect. clothes casual, musicians 100% professional. london for the gig on a thurs, maybe an LA jam on sat and a session in pheonix on monday. you know they don't forget to send some money back home to take care of their people. ry's the man cuz he knows what he needs to look good.

July 15, 2008

I Can Feel The Fire

i don't know if you all have been following the recent news about ron wood (apparently his wife jo announced her plans to divorce today) but the following article will get you up to speed.

shuggie otis was first considered to replace mick taylor but ronnie got the job after shuggie turned the stones down. while even though i titled my first solo show after a line in ron woods memoir ("The police are here!") i am not a huge ron wood fan. playing next to keith richards must be tough. he is just okay. but i have loved this song since about 2002 and yeah well i guess i do like ron wood i hope he gets better.

Rolling Stones - Mick Jagger at the 1976 Olympics Montreal

mick jagger likes pretty girls and sports.

Isaac Hayes - Hung Up On My Baby

Who's down for a kidnapping and deprogramming of chef?

keep a wise dome

justin got me thinking about tc and malt liquor, which defaults to the geto boys. mind playin tricks on me remains one of the best songs of the 90s and a fond reminder of time well spent in lansdowne or olde city/south st. alleys trying to tuck one back before the cops mess up the fun. this is a perfect clip of contemporary bushwick bill spitting so much knowledge. tc and i hope he runs for office. he's been thinking on a lot of stuff. goddamn, homie.

meg does felt, meg does tonight

sweet clip of meg covering felt's "a wave crashed on rocks". posting as a head's up to the philly gang that she's flexing some new stuff this eve at the church. new york
folks, she'll be linking w/ vetiver for a couple in early august.


Meg Baird
Noah Babayof
Sharon Van Etten

At The First Unitarian Church's Chapel
2125 Chestnut Street (22nd and Chestnut Sts)
Philadelphia, PA
$10 / All Ages

tree wave - combat

mr. pacman vs. evil pirate guy

monotrona on chic-a-go-go

"Agi, agi, agi, agi, agi, agi, agi agi baby New York (New York)
Agi, agi, agi, agi, agi, agi, agi agi baby New York
Hawkeye and Firdbird in the car
Hawkeye and Firebird do it in the car

Here is Hawkeye!
Here is Firebird!

Airplane, airplane! It's our airplane!
We drive in it and we fight crime in it!
Fly! Fly! Fly!"

July 14, 2008

The Woodentops - It Will Come

The Close Lobsters - Never Seen Before

jeremiah johnson

what a great mountain man movie. i like it better than man in the wilderness. amazing intro tune. bettin' on forgettin'! bear claw's blessing is a deep jam.


bear claw's blessing:

Shelly Duvall in Brewster McCloud w/ the Liars "Night on Mt. Heart Attack"

NEVER STOP Echo and the Bunnymen Video

i am not gonna name names but yeah so many bands owe echo and the bunnymen. this is from 1983.

July 13, 2008

Air France - Beach Party

Sparks - The Number One Song In Heaven

DAF - Der Raeuber und der Prinz

Flying Pickets - Only You

July 12, 2008

stereo total - dactylo rock

saw this show 'background information' last night parts remind me of his video


Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Paralyzed

moon sun flower game

my friend erin just introduced me to a trailer for this film, which follows the story of an iranian boy who was taken out of a leper colony in the early sixties by poet/filmmaker forough farrokhzad, during the filming of her astoundingly amazing the house is black (which is on dvd, surprisingly). more info here:


July 11, 2008

luv 2 party

tgif, dewds.

July 10, 2008

Dwight Twilley - Girls

"Twilley don't mind"

Ronnie Milsap - "There's a Stranger in My House"

Bad DAWG turned me on to this video. I immediately knew it was "essential viewing" for Chris Smith.

July 9, 2008

kurt vile

kurt's the man and currently my favorite pop. he does time in a band called war on drugs, but i'm more a fan of his solo cougar-loose delco wrecked pop. hero jesse turbo always plays with him as an added bonus. recent record on gulcher, plays quite a bit, check it out.

July 8, 2008

Bruce Conner RIP

Prolific Beat era artist Bruce Conner dies
Kenneth Baker, Chronicle Art Critic
Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bruce Conner, a San Francisco artist renowned for working fluently across media, died at his home of natural causes on Monday. He was 74.
Mr. Conner was one of the last survivors of the Bay Area Beat era art scene that included Jay DeFeo (1929-1989), Wallace Berman (1926-1976), and Wally Hedrick (1928-2003).
"We were all anonymous artists here in the '50s," Mr. Conner told The Chronicle in 2000, shortly before the opening of his retrospective "2000: BC The Bruce Conner Story, Part II," at the de Young Museum.
Despite an enviably long record of gallery and museum exhibitions, Mr. Conner met with little recognition outside the worlds of contemporary art and independent film.
Born in McPherson, Kan., in 1933, Mr. Conner arrived in San Francisco in 1957. Schooled in art at Wichita University, the University of Nebraska and Brooklyn Art School, Mr. Conner first got noticed for the short films he assembled from scavenged documentary and B-movie footage. Several of his films, including "A Movie" (1958), a sort of paean to human failure, and "Crossroads" (1977), are regarded as classics of independent filmmaking, even though Mr. Conner shot no original footage for them.
"Crossroads" replays, at ever slower speeds, official footage of a hydrogen bomb detonation on Bikini Atoll, until repetition - 27 times - and slow motion transfigure its colossal destructiveness into something hypnotically beautiful.
In the early 1960s, Mr. Conner made grotesque assemblages out of common household objects that ridicule consumer society's attachment to personal possession, including more precious sorts of artwork. They remain some of the most powerful inventions of their kind in American art.
He went on to make obsessively detailed abstract drawings, large-scale photograms (with the help of Edmund Shea) in which his figure appears made of light, and collages of old wood engravings in the manner of Surrealist Max Ernst.
Mr. Conner never stayed with one medium for long, resisting the art world's inclination to identify every artist with a style and a biographical myth.
Asked once by a critic to mention some artists who influenced him, Mr. Conner said, "I typed out about 250 names," and instructed the writer to add that "limited space prevents us from printing the remaining 50,003 names on Mr. Conner's list of influences."
Mr. Conner announced his own death erroneously on two occasions, once sending an obituary to a national art magazine, and later writing a self-description for the biographical encyclopedia Who Was Who in America.
Mr. Conner is survived by Jean Conner, his wife of more than 50 years, and a son, Robert.
No memorial event is planned as yet.

THIEF - Trailer

that miami vice clip was great. i liked the movie so much i have had a hard time changing out of my colin farrell "crockett" costume the past two years. i posted this at ice station zebra but i heavily recommend 'thief' it is michael mann's first film. tuesday weld is wonderful and even james caan and jimmy belushi can't ruin it. in the ways mann's film 'collateral' influenced the miami vice film. 'thief' set the tone and look of miami vice the tv show and apparently was one of the reasons it was greenlit. also amazing soundtrack by tangerine dream. oh and willie nelson is in this movie.

deep cover, keeping it real.

the huge anticipation i had for mann's feature length miami vice a couple of years ago was such a welcomed blessing. meg and i had our minds blown by collateral, perhaps his "best" film in which all the parts and vibes known to mann just clicked with ease. google said miami vice was next and the heat was on. netflix got the seasons 1 and 2 dvds delivered. it felt great. tc, meg and i had our radars turned on to track and absorb the people so far into deep cover that they forgot where they came from, who they were. this often gets compounded in the art and music places we travel, where personalities are large and evolving, based on what one is into and looking at, what cover they are under. the lines between a maniac, a phony and a legit warrior are so blurred. it is full of excitement, like the frontiers of yore, and can happen at any place, any time. as long as there are people communicating and needing to be understood, you can have this.

i recently finished denis johnson's "tree of smoke" and it blew my mind in many an unexpected way. to begin with, i wasn''t much a fan of his prose. i beleive the film "jesus' son" turned me off. as a film student, the potheads loved it due to the drugs and the girls loved it due to crudup. i'd be trying to drink that 40 and talk about barray hannah's "ray" knocking me over but every motherfucker had the same thing to say: "dood did your read jesus' son?". several years later i did and it wasn't bad at all, though still not sold. "tree of smoke" is as good as any of the heavyhitters vollman has laid on us over the past 15 years, and he's really knocked me out w/ his dreams of north america. both authors create complete mythology in a haze of undercover loss and reinvention. "tree of smoke" is perhaps the best antiwar book i have ever read and i cannot recommend it enough.

i am a david allan coe superfan. he is one of the best songwriters, singers and characters america has produced. he's so illegal on so many levels, but so perfect on others. he's about as lost in deep cover as an artist can get and must remain there in order to survive.

was it real?

first chapter of tree of smoke:

david vibes hard with al goldstein parts 1 and 2:

July 7, 2008

This is a quote from Ava Gardner's Wikipedia page:

"She began dating billionaire aviator Howard Hughes in the early to mid-1940s, a relationship that lasted into the 1950s. Despite his initial claims that she would be an easy catch, they were never intimate unless one considers fingering to be a level of sexual intimacy[citation needed]."


Sandy Posey - Single Girl (Marvellous!)

Tracey ullman (Sunglasses video)

i love how awfully recorded this video is. this is probably what it sounds like to the people next door when i crank up my tracey ullman.

Hanayo - give you the star

Hanayo - Les Sucettes

come monday

what a terrific video. i watched rancho deluxe last night and jimmy did the soundtrack, actually not too bad. he makes a great appearance, too. you can netflix the movie and it's a fun one. come monday, i want to eat a banana in california, not walk through the rain in west philly.

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Happy House

live in cologne - 1981

David Bowie interview at 17!

July 6, 2008

peggy lee, "is that all there is?"


raitt doing prine > you drink a lot of beer? > a heart needs a home

sunday blooze

holiday weekend turned into a lost weekend and here i am waiting to see wall-e or hancock or something with stunts to ease my mind. two days gets me dusted, but going three on the brews is a real shakeup. we're getting old. i love blaze foley. he was buds with townes and got killed by a shotgun in a fight.

July 5, 2008

The Dead Milkmen - Deans Dream

possibly one of the most perfect songs. i used to listen to this and tujena over and over.

July 4, 2008

cosmic cowboy pros

almost forgot this one!! the curtain closer for willie's infamous '74 4th of july bbq. dig every awesome dude ever on that stage - david allan coe, leon russel, willie, michael martin murphy, doug kershaw, waylon, etc. just to begin with. so much sesh might it almost makes me go numb. i want to throw a jam like this sometime soon so please get your moves down.


embedding was disabled but don't let that keep you from the party.

ho people y'all and happy 4th!

aloha folks. erin sent me an invite. didn't live there but spent enough nights to be a junior varsity member, i guess. anyways here's some of my favorite freedom for you. jesse colin young and doc snoc hurley, heroes from the new hope area. they spread a vibe like jonny appleseed done his trees, for all of us to continue cop a feel in order to learn to live well. america can be beautiful.

Happy 4th

Stevie Wonder "Superstition" on Sesame Street

Nina Simone "I Got Life"

Bill Clinton "Imagine"

July 2, 2008

coco fusco - i like girls in uniform

more of her interrogation/prison camp pieces:


el-p : smithereens

maybe kind of sensationalistic, but there it is.

journalist christopher hitchens is waterboarded

* the video is HERE.

* hitchens' article about the experience is HERE.

obviously, this is disturbing stuff, so consider yourself warned.

siskel & ebert romancing the stone

heheh. gene siskel says "jungle fever" @ 5:20.

Wreckless Eric - whole wide world

(aka "i'm not really wreckless eric, but i play one on you tube." tried to find "brain thieves"' which is a bit more in the mark e. smith in extreme freakout mode, but "whole wide world" is always good too.)

The Rutles, "Piggy in the Middle"

Johnny Thunders

July 1, 2008

gainin' on ya!

william jefferson clinton on sax