September 30, 2009

September 28, 2009

Madonna - American Pie

most unlikely yet perfect madonna cover. this video and tune is so great.

September 27, 2009

September 19, 2009

The Beach Boys - Keepin' The Summer Alive

ocean city was so much fun. many thanks to justin, justin's grandmom and nate.

September 12, 2009

... saw this on boing boing today. i love how everyone involved seems like they're trying really hard not to fuck up. it's like when you have to learn some synchronized dance in gym class. sometimes the past seems much weirder than the present.

September 10, 2009

September 7, 2009


just wanted to remind you all that there is, indeed, a girl who posts to this blog sometimes...

September 2, 2009


(the second video really gets going @ :43... the clip is from ball of fire, arguably my favorite screwball comedy of all time)

The most beautiful French pop stars able to be fit into 2 minutes (minus the conspicuous absence of B.B.):
Sheila @ 0:33 = <3

September 1, 2009

A Bubbles Inc. Summer

On this first day of September I thought I'd post these mixes of the songs I enjoyed most this summer. If you regularly exchange emails with me you will remember the agony I endured when I realized one of my favorite songs on the radio was in fact a Black Eyed Peas song. However I shouldn't have been surprised, this was the most top 40 summer for me since 1997 when both 'MMMbop' by Hanson and 'Say You Will Be There' by the Spice Girls were among my favorite songs. In a way the combo of Lily Allen, Taylor Swift, Pink, and Miley Cyrus could perhaps be this summer's Spice Girls for me, of course the Belle Stars were in fact an inspiration for the Spice Girls, and Taylor Hanson makes an appearance as the lead singer of the super group Tinted Windows. This summer I went to see Tinted Windows and throughly enjoyed it. The concert was mobbed with grown up Hanson fans and I went by myself yet luckily spied a few friends in the audience who were there to support the newly DFA signed and hyped band from Philadelphia, Free Energy. Also don't be afraid of the Philadelphia born Pink she is one of the best to come out of this landmark girl pop era. Her song 'Please Don't Leave Me' sounds like she is fronting New Order and is better than anything they had on their disappointing 'final' album 'Waiting for the Sirens' Call'. If I could I would love to produce a record of Pink covering Shocking Blue classics, I feel she not only could be up to the task but is the only contemporary vocalist that could approach the levels of Mariska Veres' greatness.

My favorite things this past summer do include: Fonthill, Anissa Mack's show at Small A Projects, random encounters in NYC with friends near and far, walking through the park to visit the Met and the Whitney, Brooke Shields remembering the King of Pop, rapping with the Michael Jackson T shirt vendor on Allegheny Avenue in Kenzo, watching the Goonies in the afternoon, Karen Kilimnik saying she liked my drawing, karaoke at Winnie's, sharing a wall with Andy Warhol, Irene Molloy singing Ave Maria during my beloved grandmom's funeral at Saint Phil's followed by my father's phenomenal eulogy, leading the fourth of July parade in Lansdowne, various birthday parties, Joe Biden talking about Teddy, followed days later by the dusk burial at Arlington, getting directions from Will Oldham's mother Joanne, visiting Knoebel's Grove with Mark and Gretchen, putting together a feast in Austin, Barton Springs, and waiting for the bats to come out with Kate, taking it easy at Harry's Roadhouse and befriending a museum employee in Sante Fe via Alexander Girard, waiting out the rain at Anthony's Cafe in Fishtown, Andrea Fraser at Fredrick Petzel/Dorthoy Iannone at Anton Kern and the New Museum, Mocha Dick at the Fabric Workshop, Cezanne and Beyond at the PMA, Jack Rose's pizza, Clubb O, Club 650, le Basket onward - laughing, dancing, talking shit and taking names. In addition to all of this are the following songs that made me really happy this summer:

A Bubbles Inc. Summer

(brought to you by Bubbles Incorporated)*

Disc 1

1 - Lily Allen - The Fear
2 - The Beatles - Sexy Sadie (take 6, 19 july 1968)
3 - Dwight Twilley - Looking For The Magic
4 - Dexy's Midnight Runners - I Love You (Listen To This)
5 - Camera Obscura - French Navy
6 - Sheena Easton - Telephone
7 - Cyndi Lauper - The Goonies R Good Enough
8 - Dexy's Midnight Runners - This Is What She's Like
9 - Lily Allen - Not Fair
10 - Taylor Swift - Love Story
11 - Taylor Swift - You Belong To Me
12 - Pink - Please Don't Leave Me
13 - Shoes - Nowhere Fast
14 - Shoes - Fatal
15 - Tinted Windows - Messing With My Head
16 - Pink - So What
17 - Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA
18 - Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
19 - Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill

Disc 2

1 - Ace Of Base - Cruel Summer (Acapella)
2 - Stacey Ferguson/Fergie (Kids Inc.) - I Get Weak
3 - Strawberry Switchblade - Vicious
4 - Big Audio Dynamite - E=MC2
5 - Paul McCartney - Frozen Jap (Rough-Mix/Acetate)
6 - Anna Domino - Land Of My Dreams
7 - Steve Winwood - While You See A Chance
8 - Super Furry Animals - Inaugural Trams
9 - Eddy Grant - Romancing The Stone
10 - Lime - Your Love
11 - Lime - Please Say You Will
12 - Gloria/Martika (Kids Inc.) - Glamorous Life
13 - Belle Stars - Sign Of The Times
14 - Alex Mix - Everybody's Going Do The Lovin'
15 - The Equals - Baby Come Back
16 - Lemonheads - Different Drum
17 - Saint Etienne - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
18 - Shop Assistants - Something To Do
19 - Adult Net - Where You When I Needed You?
20 - Andy Kim - Rock Me Gently
21 - Brighter - Poppy Day

*Meg Baird played Dwight Twilley for me/Robert Botto sent me the Shoes record/The Mellow Legend sent me the new Whitney track/I stole the Ace of Base track off of Franny Arnold's computer/Rubens Ghenov told me how to make mp3's of my favorite Kid's Incorporated songs/Bones gave me the Macca track/Jason Killinger introduced me to little green lemons/Brendan Greaves included the Alex Mix track on the mix that accompanied his great essay on beach music/enjoy all of this music xo anthony campuzano/tc/bubbles inc.

disc one:

disc two: