March 31, 2008

everybody dance now

(btw, carl is having an opening this friday at vox populi, if any of you philly willows are around)


please check out Shawn King and my new project (Cathy) on myspace.

pass it on

Pandoras "it's about time"

paula pierce (courtney love's cooler older sister)

March 28, 2008

nirvana sliver

March 26, 2008

rip Actor Richard Widmark

from Pickup on South Street. Always like to see a body of water used as a beer fridge

also check out Kiss of Death. Great movies.

March 25, 2008

March 24, 2008

Francoise Hardy -

March 23, 2008

happy easter

March 18, 2008

mark robinson

i know this is old circa 95/96, still one of the best mark robinson vocals. here are the lyrics he sung on the 6ths track called puerto rico way:

The sun pissing in the streets of some hung over place
Dances with two left feet upon her face
Bot soft! She is fast asleep beneath her mosquitoes
You would never want to know what she knows

I met a girl down Puerto Rico way with an eye as true as steel
And the hair grew red upon her head
Oh, love it would have been ideal
The summer air down Puerto Rico way is as hot as it can be
But the orchestra plays night and day
Martina, will you dance with me?

She's drunk every single day
She's young most of the time
She's spent all of the rent on her decline
She's fun, fun to be around
She's done everything once
She's a fallen woman, fallen sound asleep in the sun

some new images

i thought these two would go quite nicely together

daniel johnston: i had lost my mind

tall dwarfs: phil's disease (day 1)


this is the greatest song in the world. learn it.

March 17, 2008

March 16, 2008

Dean Wareham Black Postcards book reading

If anyone is around Brooklyn this Tues. try to come check out Deans book reading at Union Hall. I'll be backing him on drums for a few Galaxie 500 and Luna songs he'll play after the reading. Here's the info:

Brooklyn, NY
Tuesday March 18, 7:00 p.m.
702 Union Street at 5th Avenue

Hillary in Da House

for T.C.

March 15, 2008

March 14, 2008

March 12, 2008

Iggy Pop - Sixteen

Madonna - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

iggy, madonna and andrew toney

last nite i really wanted to watch iggy play madonna's songs at the rock and roll hall of fame ceremony. however (not complaining) i had tickets to see the sixers play the celtics at the wachcovia center. both teams wore 83 throwback uniforms. the sixers started the game losing 15 to zero then rallied back to tiein the second quarter. at half time the team was to honor the sixers championship team of 83 and andrew toney was supposed to come but he didnt show. the boston strangler was missing in the second half as the sixers lost by 14 or so. if anyone can locate the video of iggy and the stooges playing ray of light and burning up i would be much obliged because i only got to catch johnny cougar and joanie jett.

as a companion piece i recommend madonna's interviews with david letterman in 1994 and 2007.

bobby womack-harry hippie-1973-

Everybody claims that they want the best things
outta life, (ha) but not everyone, not everyone
wanna got through the toils and strifes.

Like this particular fella, walks around
all day long singin' this song
sha na lah dah dah lah dah dah dah dah

Harry Hippie, lies asleep in the shade,
life don't bug him cause he
thinks he's got it made.
He never worry about nothin' in particular
Oooh he might even sell free press on Sunset.

I'd like to help a man when he's down
but I can't help him much
when he's sleepin' on the ground.

He's like a bottle in water
Harry just floats through life
Walks around all day long singin' this song
Whoa, whoa, whoa, ohhh yeah

Mary Hippie, she's Harry's lady
Panhandles money just to feed Harry's baby.
She can lie down a story so incredible
Man, you wanna help her take the food
home and put it on the table.

I'd like to help a man when he's down,
but I can't help ya Harry
if you wanna sleep on the ground.
Sorry Harry, you're too much weight
to carry around.

But he still walks around all day singin' this song
Sha dah dah dah sha nah nah nah nah nah
nah sha lah lah lah lah dah dah dah

Street child, street child, tell me where
will you be goin'
when old man winter gets his horn
and starts blowin'
Will you hang around LA
or hitch a ride on a freeway
Meet an old familiar face in a new place.

I'd like to help a man when he's down
But how can I help him
if he's somewhere outta town
Sorry Harry, think I'm gonna put you down.
Sha dah dah dah sha dah dah dah dah
sha lah lah lah lah dah dah dah
Everybody help me sing this song, oh yeah,

John Cale as game show contestant 1963

March 11, 2008

Revolution OS

this is from a documentary about the Linux and GNU operating systems called Revolution OS. It's the story of free open source software, it's development, and the people who created it. I highly recommend watching this movie, especially if you're completely ignorant on the subject (like I am).

March 9, 2008

elton motello, "jet boy, jet girl"

apparently this came before the damned and the plastic bertrand versions?

(bonus points for the occasional overlap of *hilarious german sketch comedy*)

March 8, 2008

karen dalton, "it hurts me too"

a little rainy day music, with some nice footage from a 1969 french documentary...

March 7, 2008

Audio Two - I Don't Care

Brilliant Sweater

science fair

I saw this on Andrew Sullivan's blog, that's right, Andrew Sullivan.

March 6, 2008

More on Politics

with Martina Navratilova too!

boba fett drunk

March 5, 2008

Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles

gary gygax

just found this out via my dungeon master chris smith but yeah let us all d&d and A d&d bros take a pause for the guy that i know from first hand expanded my imagination from the fifth grade on:

Dungeons & Dragons Creator Gary Gygax Passes Away; Interview on Gadgets
According to a post on Troll Lord Games, the company that had published his most recent work, Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons, has passed away. In 2003, on the now defunct, we ran an interview with Gygax. I have republished it over on Gadgets.
Tiamat consume you fully, Gary. You brought untold amount of fun and joy into my life.

This excerpt tickles me:

Q. As far as you know, what was the basic evolution of polyhedral dice? If they existed prior to the creation of Dungeons & Dragons, what were they used for?
To the best of my knowledge I introduced them to gaming, en masse, with D&D in 1974. I found sets of the five platonic solids for sale in a school supply catalog back in 1972, and of course ordered them, used them in creating the D&D game.

March 4, 2008

Scope NY

I'm going to have some pieces up with Bonelli Contemporary at Scope Art Fair in NYC in a few weeks. There's a rather slim chance I may be out in person, but it's not likely. I just found out today. Check it out if you're there. Probably the pieces 'Female,' 'Male,' and 'Gefriertrocknete Eiscreme' up on

Has anyone seen this picture ?


in native texan garb. scary stuff

i have a soft spot for ksjnfcsldjkvcnls

malice in wonderland

black dice - kokomo

n.w.a. + aphex twin + japanese perviness = 'broken'

March 2, 2008

Dumptruck - Back Where I belong

I still have a soft spot for eighties era alt-rock.

Ken Nordine on Night Music

We Are The World

...and in other world news...
This Thursday my show opens in London at One In The Other Gallery
If you know anyone in London please invite them.
I also have some new work up on my site.
And the Flickr site.
In a week or so I'll post some fun pictures here.

Mental As Anything - The Nips Are Getting Bigger (1979)

Charlie Rose - An Appreciation of William F. Buckley

March 1, 2008

fifth column - like this

directed by bruce labruce

SHINDIG #1 1964

There's a bunch of stuff on this clip, notably Sam Cooke covering "Blowin' in the Wind." This is the song that inspired Cooke to write "A Change is Gonna Come," and all of this (including the performance here) happens in the year Sam Cooke will die by gun shot wound in LA.

The clip includes The Righteous Bros., The Everly Bros., and Bobby Sherman, and it ends with The Everly's and Sam Cooke singing Lucille.

Jimi Hendrix "Hear My Train A'Comin'"

Judy Garland, The Trolley Song, from Meet me in St. Louis

Nat King Cole sings Hoagy Carmichael