April 30, 2008

will scarlett's record signal the return of bruno???

April 29, 2008

this probably won't be weird or interesting a week from now but...

just wanted to note the fact that scarlett johansson is releasing an album composed of ten tom waits covers (and one original), and that a single has been released:

wtf??? actually, i don't think it's that bad... it's sort of a radio-friendly shoegaze take on a song that's pretty good to begin with. i kinda like her voice, even. but mostly i'm posting this because of the weirdness factor.

(p.s. what's salman rushdie doing flirting with that poor young girl anyway???)

LoveForceTrauma ~ Edward Ball

April 28, 2008

O Level - We Love Malcolm

from 1978 o level is an early version of the television personalites ed ball on vocals. ed ball made some great records as the times and sollo too. noel gallagher of oasis called him "the second best songwriter in great britain today" and dont think he meant after dan treacy noel of course reserves number one for number one.

happy spring, willow house

hey folks. i made you all a cyber-mixtape.

i was gonna make one of those muxtape things, but i included too many songs. and i didn't feel like editing stuff out. so i'm uploading it as a RAR file. if you have trouble opening it, let me know. and if i screw up sharing this, please bring that to my attention as well. anyway, here's what's on it:

1. enquanto seu lobo nao vem- caetano veloso
2. smiling ladies- heron
3. darling be home soon- billie davis
4. on the beach- the paragons
5. march! for martin luther king- john fahey
6. errare humanum est- jorge ben
7. go and tell your father- the cannanes
8. patrice- simon finn
9. simply couldn't care- tracey thorn
10. children laughing- wendy and bonnie
11. por todos lados- las malas amistades
12. web weaver- hawkwind
13. fed-a-ray- lord beginner
14. mountain book- OOIOO
15. the bloodbells chime- current 93

(46.7 minutes: DOWNLOAD HERE)

i tried to keep things fairly sunny and season-specific. save maybe the current 93 song. if people are feelin' this i'll do it more often?

(the cover image comes from my favorite website of the moment, square america)

April 26, 2008

beat happening: black candy 1988

i just got this incredible itch to listen to some beat happening. seems like the perfect soundtrack for warmer weather.

Rebbie Jackson Centipede

bill moyers interviews reverend jeremiah wright

the full hour is available online (for free), and it's worth watching:


i feel an ambiguous admiration for this guy. he says some awkward things (a particularly disturbing inclusion of "sodomy" in a list of society's ills... an awkward brush-off of farrakhan's anti-semitism, etc.), but he comes across as pretty informed-- and radical in a way i can kinda get behind. i found myself agreeing with him often enough to rekindle my worries that he might still cost obama the election. haha.

April 23, 2008

Freedom Rock

I saw Chad Tilder this past weekend and I swear to God that he sang this commercial from beginning to end with no hesitation or prior knowledge that it would come up in conversation. Truly Awesome

doris lessing reacts to winning the nobel prize

i hope i'm like her when i'm old. "either the wallpaper goes, or i do," etc.

April 22, 2008

April 20, 2008

April 19, 2008

My Favorite D.A.W.G.S Jam (sadly, not a full version)

"Cincinnati Nights"

look for some Willow cameo action

Low Down Dirty D.A.W.G.S. - "Mr. Bojangles"

I think this truly embraces the Dr. Hook attitude we all should strive for.

Dr. Hook - Acapulco Goldie

chris and i have declared that this summer of 2008 is officially the summer of Dr. Hook. chris sent me this clip with the words "this is the party i want to be at and remembered by. i want my funeral to be like acapulco goldie" this video is outrageous.

April 18, 2008

Dr. Hook's Looking For Pussy dubbed over Partridge Family footage

Dr. Black & Mr. Hyde

Doctor Ice - Sue Me

I couldn't resist adding this.

Party Doctor

Dr. Feelgood

Dr. John

Dr. Teeth


Dr. Hook, When you're in love with a beautiful woman

chris smith sent me these two great videos. totally forgot about dr. hook. i loved this song particularly as a child. chris also had this to say about the dude with the eye patch: "imagine if we could walk around looking like the dude w/ the red shirt and eye patch and it was legit, like not even an act. that dude's vibe is so natural that i had to watch the vid 3 of 4 times in a row in order to pinch myself and accept that some folks are just tuned in so well."

also go to jack's show at fleisher/ollman right now. i am about to leave for it in a minute.

Dr. Hook-Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

April 15, 2008

Aftermath Ohio Express Beg,Borrow and Steal

these dudes just said they went to the market. definitely not getting the groceries. they are just livin' it up down at the roadhouse. freedom rock!

gracie barrie "stone cold dead in the market"

calypso lyrics don't beat around the bush. i found this clip here, by the way.

April 11, 2008

Lindsay De Paul-Sugar Me

i like the little motion she does along with the whipcrack sound

warren jeffs sings!


Song Sung Blue / Promo Clip #1

Song Sung Blue / BONUS FOOTAGE

April 8, 2008


i'll be on the east coast from may 3rd to the 11th. stupidly i booked my non-refundable ticket to and from philly instead of being able to leave from new york. so, i'm trying to plan out when to be in ny, when to be in delaware, king of prussia, berks county, etc. fuck, sounds like i need to rent a pt cruiser with sweet flames all up the sides. let me know any thoughts, especially t.c and jack, if you guys have shows up, or if dan knows when carl's is running, when would be a good time to see them.

April 7, 2008

Earles and Jensen- Ditchweed

This is a fan video someone made for a "soon to be released" prank phone call CD coming out on Matador. Jeff Jensen is hands down one of the funniest guys I know, and also the co-owner of a fantastic taco truck called Endless Summer.

El Guincho - Kalise

"Panda Bear goes to Carnival"

April 6, 2008

hey guys, i was dorking around the internet and made this mix for you: wecko.muxtape.com

Philadelphia, Obama, and Motorhead:


April 5, 2008

drunk people

if you look up "rock and roll" in the dictionary...

April 1, 2008

i was trying to keep the dancing video/opening announcement theme going but the video i found i couldnt get to work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTEMUBM70yU
( pans people from top of the pops dancing to CCS's version of whole lotta love ) i've been listening to a ton of paisley underground stuff lately. so here's this great cover of prince's neon telephone by the three o'clock.

ok so nyc willows if you are around this thurs april 3rd from 6-8 i have an opening at white columns. group show one work each by 11 artists who have shown there in the past three years. they are also making a zine-like catalog pick up cheap at the opening more info here:

also dan - is carl coming to philly for his opening?/if so how long is he going to stay? i get back sunday and i'd like to see him and the show tell him i said howdy. last time i saw him was in the crush of the crowd on 2 street two new years days ago.

THE THREE O'CLOCK - Neon Telephone - 1988

prince cover