February 28, 2010

Dan, if you're ever in L.A.:

ok, i'll knock it off with this shit now...

February 27, 2010

February 23, 2010

Africa week continues

William Oneyeabor - Something You'll Never Forget (Nigerian Funk)

Die Antwoord - rapping in Afrikaans

Taxijam presents Die Antwoord from taxijam on Vimeo.

February 22, 2010

this song is from a really great psych/afrobeat comp called african scream contest. finding live footage was a pleasant surprise.

February 21, 2010

Bearforce 1

It's like Windowlicker without the tits. Willow afficionados may recognize that a certain mixtape from a while back includes and is named after the Amanda Lear original that Bearforce 1 is including in this disco medley. Try to look away if you can. (Thanks to Shannon Schneider for this gem.)


slapp happy

i love this song. it's sunny today.

February 20, 2010

February 16, 2010

Martin Parr

Not sure what's going on here. Some French guy made a song about Martin Parr?

February 10, 2010

February 8, 2010

More Black Metal

doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee
doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee na doopee

February 5, 2010

Speaking of Black Metal

This is a strange little non-metal intro to one of the best albums form the original church-burning heyday of norwegian black metal. I found out that the late Euronymous, who seems to have been the driving force of the original scene in Oslo was not only a communist, which is unusual for the apolitical or far right leaning subculture, but also a huge electronic fan long before bands like Burzum were incorporating that kind of thing into their music. anyway, this particular piece was composed by Conrad Schnitzler, an electronic musician who had been recording music since the 60's and was crucial in the early krautrock scene. and, who also wore a kind makeup that almost resembles some more futuristic version of black metal "corpsepaint" at least as early as 1980 (which just barely predates Leigh Bowery beginning to wear his costumes in London.) Apparently Euronymous camped on his doorstep for an entire day until Schnitzler (who was in his early 60's by then) opened the door to tell him to get lost thinking he was a junky or some other type of vagrant who frequently slept on his doorstep. He was taken aback by the satanic church-burning cannibal's pleasant and polite demeanor and appreciation of his music, and so he consented to send him a composition to open Mayhem's album. Having never heard the band, he remarked later that he'd wished he'd made a heavier piece for the occasion, but i don't know, i think it lends 'deathcrush' a nice serious and sort of military calm-before-the-storm mood to set the tone for the rest of what's to come with songs like "chainsaw gutsfuck." you be the judge.

February 4, 2010


This is pretty funny. The singer 'Kanwulf' from the band Nargaroth who sing this song:

was on a German TV show where the theme was "the sight of you makes me sick." His roomate had him on the show to criticize his fashion sense and express his annoyance at his playing loud Black Metal around the apartment. The segment ended with Kanwulf promising to listen to music in his car more often so as not to annoy his flatmates so much.

just finished reading "Lords of Chaos." From the band Mayhem's Allmusic,com entry:

"Formed around 1985 by Necrobutcher and guitarist Euronymous (born Oystein Aarseth), Mayhem was the first death metal band from Norway to make much of an impact in their homeland, which in the early '90s developed a burgeoning underground scene rife with violent, sometimes anti-Christian activity -- as evidenced by Mayhem's non-musical history. Drummer Hellhammer, who at one time worked in a mental hospital, is the only remaining member of the band's prime-period lineup. Lead vocalist Dead committed suicide in 1991 (two years after joining the band) by shooting himself in the head; Hellhammer made a necklace using some of his skull fragments, and Euronymous reportedly cooked and ate pieces of Dead's brain. Euronymous, in turn, was stabbed to death while in his underwear on August 10, 1993, by the band's bass player, Count Grishnackh (born Christian Vikernes). Grishnackh's alleged motive was jealousy over the fact that Euronymous had a more evil reputation; he inflicted 23 separate wounds, it was also rumored, so as to outdo rival band Emperor's drummer, Faust, who was convicted in the stabbing death of a homosexual acquaintance. When police arrested Grishnackh, they found over 150 kg of stolen dynamite in his house, complete with a plan to blow up a large church on a religious holiday. Grishnackh went on to pursue his electronic-influenced project Burzum while in prison; meanwhile, Euronymous' parents requested that his bass tracks be erased from Mayhem's 1994 album, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, (which featured session vocalist Attila Csihar). Still, thanks to growing worldwide interest in Norwegian death metal, Mayhem product has continued to appear on the shelves into the next century. Hellhammer also put together a new Mayhem lineup, which has toured sporadically. During one such tour in 2003, a concert-goer in Norway received a fractured skull as a sheep head flew from the stage while band member Blasphemer was cutting the head away from the torso."