August 27, 2010

summer jamz


... best song of the summer, best record of the summer, best video of the summer, best dancing in recent memory (wait till about :51 or so), best girl-pompadour ever. two things i like about the current zeitgeist:

A. mainstream vs. underground is no longer a way of determining quality. is this a mainstream hip hop song? is a boring ass indie band like MGMT still "underground"? who cares?

B. the return of oxford shoes


... so janet got a car about two weeks back, which means that i've been listening to more power 99 than i have since me and justin used to drive to the suburbs for house painting to the tune of cam'ron's "horse and carriage." me and janet have decided that this track is "our song."

August 22, 2010

August 2, 2010