September 28, 2008

brenda holloway, "every little bit hurts"

i'm sort of obsessed with this song right now. also, i'm kinda charmed by the half-hearted hand clapping that begins about halfway into this.

new interests

I've been super in to these Czech cartoons lately. fun for the whole family!

this is a crazy amount of heckling. i don't think i've seen anything like this with a president.

September 27, 2008


RIP coach reggie dunlap aka paul newman aka alongside monty clift and cary grant my most envied film star.

bill maher on white prejudice

i know a lot of people aren't as sympathetic to maher as i can be (he's sorta "my kind of asshole," i guess), but i think he really nails it with this one...

p.s. what's up with all the annoying commentary bubbles that keep popping up inside youtube videos lately?

September 26, 2008

Michel Delpech - Pour un flirt

exclusive sneak peak at sodafine's fall collection

i'm basing my look on jeff's (he shows up at 1:22)...

September 23, 2008

wow. just wow.

what she said was brillig enough, but the slithy part about it is that all the momraths were so outgrabe. someone give obama a vorpal blade please. snicker-snack!

more on this:

September 22, 2008

Italy is Awesome

I'm living in Rome for 10 months because my wife got a fellowship at The American Academy. They really are nuts for Obama over here.

September 21, 2008

September 20, 2008

Ween-Buckingham Green-Public Access '97

the greatest bands are from penn's woods.

Lilys - 365- swarthmore college 2006

here is a tip of the hat to a good friend of philadelphia, mr. heasley opening for my bloody valentine this weekend!

September 19, 2008


i am so jealous of the president of france

great article about the current first lady of france carla bruni appearing on jools holland (alongside the losers kings of leon and metallica no less!) carla is a vision, possibly the most exquisite woman on earth. marion cotillard is my current dream girl but now that may just be because carla bruni is married.

Bowie miming

at the factory, 1971

September 17, 2008

Go Gos - We Got the Beat (live)

last night i went to the megawords storefront and saw my dear friends steve and dan shred some guitar and drum machine. tonite i am going to see will pym talk about teenagers at the great show at temple gallery called volume attempts. but i am really most excited about my killer classic go gos pin that constance gave me last night. she bought it for me in boothwyn. it is purple and gold backed with the go gos logo seen on the drum riser here. the go-gos are my top west coast pop band even better than the mighty mamas and the papas (i know i know, but you got face it the go gos are tops) i love this video arden wohl take a look at belinda's headband! oh and could charlotte caffey be cuter?!

Essential Logic - Music Is a Better Noise

strange bedfellows:

William Bennet of Whitehouse's first band was Essential logic
"Lora Logic (born Susan Whitby c. 1960) is a British saxophonist and singer. She was briefly a member of the band X Ray Spex, although she had been sacked from that group by the time they recorded their first album, which nevertheless used her (uncredited) saxophone arrangements. A year later she formed Essential Logic. This group recorded one self-titled EP, four singles and an album, Beat Rhythm News (Waddle Ya Play?). Logic was briefly also a member of the Red Krayola, appearing on two singles and the album Kangaroo?. Her saxophone lent a unique quality to the bands she was in.[1] She also played on recordings by The Raincoats, The Stranglers and the Swell Maps and, later, Boy George. During the recording of the second Essential Logic album the group broke up, and she finished the recording as a solo Lora Logic album, Pedigree Charm.
Along with X Ray Spex bandmate Poly Styrene she left the music industry in the 1980s to join the Hare Krishna religion. She spent some time in a mansion donated to the Hare Krishnas by George Harrison. In 1995 she rejoined X Ray Spex when Styrene reformed the group. In 2003, the Kill Rock Stars label reissued most of the early Essential Logic material, alongside new recordings by Logic under the same name as Fanfare in the Garden."
"Operating under the presumption that form is a patriarchal language, the majority of artists included in WACK! are decidedly anti-formal. An an-aesthetic (a Duchampian term that means “without taste” rather than tasteless) as well as egalitarian selection process allowed for the inclusion of the otherwise disgusting projects of Valerie Solanas, known for her assassination attempt on Andy Warhol, and Cosey Fanni Tutti [of Throbbing Gristle], a British artist and musician who collects, performs and displays hardcore male-oriented pornography to counter “popular portrayals of women’s sexuality in service to men.” In a more evocative and meaningful manner (and for this viewer, more artistic), Rosler’s thirty-one collages of print advertisements in the Body Beautiful series call attention to the media’s commercial appropriation of women’s bodies."!+feminism&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=7&gl=us

"TG, the linchpin of the post-punk "industrial" turn, dressed in camouflage gear decorated with an SS-looking lightning bolt patch, and issued songs like "Zyklon B Zombie" and "Salon Kitty" (named after an SS-run brothel in Berlin). The cover for the TG song "Discipline" on Fetish Records showed the group outside the former Nazi Ministry of Propaganda building in Berlin. TG called their Hackney-based recording studio the Death Factory, and its Industrial Records logo was an unidentified picture of Auschwitz. Many punks despised TG as misogynist "death art" fascists. At a 6 July 1978 con-cert at the London Film Co-op (where Boyd Rice also appeared), a fight even broke out between TG and members of the Rock Against Racism-allied bands the Slits and the Raincoats."


From wikipedia on Dr. Who:
"With popularity came controversy over the show's suitability for children. Moral campaigner Mary Whitehouse repeatedly complained to the BBC in the 1970s over what she saw as the show's frightening or gory content.[20] The programme became even more popular — especially with children. John Nathan-Turner, who produced the series during the 1980s, was heard to say that he looked forward to Whitehouse's comments, as the show's ratings would increase soon after she had made them.[21] During the 1970s, the Radio Times, the BBC's listings magazine, announced that a child's mother said the theme music terrified her son. The Radio Times was apologetic, but the theme music remained."
Wiki on Mary Whitehouse:
"She became a target for mockery and caricature. During the episode of Till Death Us Do Part entitled "Alf's Dilemma" Alf Garnett is seen reading her book 'Clean up TV' and agreeing with every word. One publisher of pornographic magazines named a magazine Whitehouse, in an apparent attempt to annoy her. British "electronic" band Whitehouse also named themselves after her, in mocking tribute. She is the inspiration of Deep Purple's 1973 song "Mary Long" and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band's "Mrs Blackhouse", in which the eponymous Blackhouse is depicted as a demonic, unholy creature. The British punk band The Adicts wrote a song called "Mary Whitehouse", which includes the line "She don't like pornography when it's on the BBC" among others. In an episode of the current events satirical comedy programme Not the Nine O'Clock News a voice-over talked in reverential tones of a "certain personage" who had deigned to watch the programme that night, by all indications referring to the Queen until it was revealed they meant Mary Whitehouse. She's also mentioned by name in the song "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" on the 1977 Pink Floyd album Animals, described as an uptight "house-proud town mouse" who is "trying to keep our feelings off the street" and mocked with the recurring phrase "ha-ha, charade you are". In the Monty Python's Flying Circus election-night satire, John Cleese says "Mary Whitehouse has taken Umbrage — no surprise there."
Mary Whitehouse retires 1994:

Which brings me to my point. I never really made the connection before, but the band Whitehouse sounds remarkably like the Daleks at their most hysterical and self-destructive. Seems appropriate. The boogeymen we love to hate:

September 16, 2008

freestyle: hydrogen vs. boost

another one from the lange-banger

Dreaming of me

david gahan wore highwaisted pants before your mom and chloe sevigny. depeche mode live in amsterdam in 1981. this is perfect pop music no question. vince clarke as always is the secret weapon.

September 13, 2008

September 12, 2008

good kids1

On Flickr I've been looking up all sorts of groups about kids art.
There are literally tens of thousands of great drawings that are refreshing and sort of inspiring.
Here are just a few within 10 minutes or so of searching...

good kids2

Oasis - The Shock Of The Lightning

the new single

Oasis' Noel Gallagher assaulted on stage in Toronto--2008-9-7

get well soon noel. i am not sure if that was clem or justin pushing noel but i hope not. you guys know i love oasis. their new single is great, even though the lyrics as usual suck but the sound is so great liam could sing baby talk and it would be alright by me the sneer suits. nyc willows today i am gonna be poking around town checking out the new september shows and tonite i am going to this opening my friends anissa and josh are in. good gallery moved from portland to nyc debut show maybe see y'all there.
info below:

Please join us this friday from 6-9 pm for an opening reception.

Sept 12 - Oct 5, 2008

Nicholas Frank
Corin Hewitt
Jessica Jackson Hutchins
Jamie Isenstein
Xylor Jane
On Kawara
Anissa Mack
Will Rogan
Josh Shaddock
Allyson Vieira

Small A Projects
261 Broome Street
New York, NY 10002
f. 212.274.0756

oh and here is the new single from the new album
oasis - shock of the lightning (video for the new single)

xo bubbles inc

September 11, 2008

September 10, 2008


obvious stuff, but it made me laugh. go matt damon.

Ratatat - Mirando

saw these guys last night. good show.

September 9, 2008

judee sill, "the kiss"

more and more, the seasons affect my taste in music. accordingly, with summer ending and a rainstorm approaching, i give you this judee sill performance from 1973. her combo of folk/country/laurel canyon has been doing it for me lately. i love the stripped down feel of this clip. nice to hear the song without reverb and overdubs, much as i love them on the album version...

September 7, 2008

Joan Of Arc (Live 1981) - OMD

OMD - Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc) 1982

kraftwerk for the kids! so great.

September 6, 2008

Andy Williams & Antonio Carlos Jobim - Girl From Ipanema

My special lady friend "Lucky" has been assisting an artist named Beth Jobim who is the daughter of Antonio (Tom) Jobim.
So as a tribute to his genes sort of paying part of our rent, here is a little diddy you might know.
(Beth's work here)

Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores - Curura

you might recognize this as the source of the sample in timbaland's "indian flute." it would appear from timbaland's video that like christopher columbus before him, he too was somewhat unclear on the difference between central america and india.

September 5, 2008

World Party: Sessions 3 - She's the One

love love world party and karl wallinger in general. oasis should have covered this before robbie williams

September 4, 2008

REM - Radio Free Europe

I just picked up the 33 1/3 Murmur. Definitely one of the few records from my early collection that still holds up.

JONA LEWIE - I Think I'll Get My Haircut

That Petrol Emotion - Cellophane

Marek BiliƄski - Ucieczka z tropiku (wersja full)

Whole album available at:

September 2, 2008

folk implosion - shake a little heaven

a good song in its own right, but the real reason for posting it is that, as john lange has pointed out, t.c. appears at 0:32 and again at the end.

September 1, 2008