November 30, 2007

Simply Saucer - "Bullet Proof Nothing"

Hey Clem...I thought you might like this song.

terry eagleton on william blake

figured i'd mix it up a bit with a non-youtube post...

noodling around on the internet today, i stumbled upon a great essay by terry eagleton about the politics of william blake. i don't know enough about eagleton to bring much baggage to the article, so if he's someone that peeves you, i apologize.

anyway, it's a refreshingly positive account of how political liberties are also spiritual, creative and sexual. i've been really preoccupied the idea of pleasure lately-- it's rare that i see it addressed as something neither utopian nor reactionary. this piece kinda does the trick. click on the excerpt below for the full article:

Politics today is largely a question of management and administration. Blake, by contrast, viewed the political as inseparable from art, ethics, sexuality and the imagination. It was about the emancipation of desire, not its manipulation. Desire for him was an infinite delight, and his whole project was to rescue it from the repressive regime of priests and kings. His sense of how sexuality can turn pathological through repression is strikingly close to Freud's. To see the body as it really is, free from illusion and ideology, is to see that its roots run down to eternity.

p.s. this website is awesome.

November 29, 2007

Walter Egan - Magnet and Steel

One of my favorite songs from The Eagles era L.A. cocaine scene

TIMES NEW VIKING outside Sound on Sound Records SXSW '07 #1

i am very excited because i just found out that the great great group the clean are playing in philly this sunday and i finally will get to see them. chris sent me this great clip of the opening act Times New Viking. sound like a perfect opener to me.

November 28, 2007

Health - Heaven

Footage from Werner Herzog documentary “The Great Ecstasty of the Woodcarver Steiner”

Chrome - New Age

(i might have already posted this?)


even roky erickson digs those LA pros chris smith raves about

November 27, 2007

john darnielle on boz scaggs, "gospel!" etc.

following tc/chris's mention of boz scaggs-- and being that aaron's alan parsons post got me thinking about music my dad played in the minivan on the way to the poconos-- i thought i'd share this video of john darnielle (mountain goats) talking about some records he loves, including one by boz scaggs (he gets to it a few minutes in).

i know some of you hate darnielle's music, but even if you do, i highly recommend his blog:

his taste in music is way different than you'd guess. he's really into death metal and rap and stuff. and occasionally he writes really beautifully, often about unexpected things.

if nothing else, as you watch the video, you can think about how he kinda looks like marissa's brother michael a little. or, if you're me, you can think about how he has the same hairdo i was sporting circa 1991.

Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You

Climax Blues Band - Couldnt Get It Right [totp2]

last night i randomly ran into my good friend trevor at 22nd and walnut five minutes after leaving chris smith a message. we decided to hang out, then we randomly saw chris smith on the highway and gave him the finger. he asked us if we wanted to go see beowulf and we said hell no. later trevor and i realized that me chris and him consistently try to convince each other that our specific musical tastes are not terrible. chris in his focus on the 1960's into the seventies hippy shit, me and 1970's disco into 1980's gay and mall music and trevor with his 1990's rap into music from five years ago.

chris smith sent me the following along with this video today, i thought i should share:

the only logical conclusion (short term) i can think of at this very moment for my musical progression is to go here:
i feel this way about a lot of things. but i love professional music. and i love it even more when the creators are a bunch of weird looking dudes who spent too many years previous to the spotlight doing session work. i like this even more more when it went down in LA and that's where they are coming from bother in terms of emotion and showbiz. the emotion of showbiz via LA is very strong, very creepy and very deep. when the dudes from the rear with the gear step up and lay it out, there is a serious expression. take a look at warren zevon, terry melcher and dennis wilson as examples. boz scaggs. john simon. so many pros w/ so much to say.

November 24, 2007

his name is alive, "are we still married?"

video by the brothers quay.

November 20, 2007

Downey Mildew - Offering

Coloured Balls - Devil's Diciple

Aztec Camera - Oblivious

this is such a great pop song and this video looks like it could be made by david banner (except for the brits in make up part) although that is probably the point

November 19, 2007

section 25 - looking from a hilltop

chris and cosey - october love song

Ween Plays Zep (All Of My Love)

i am not a fan of led zeppelin but this song i always had soft synth spot in my heart for. particularly when it is done by ween it captures my attention. i would like to dedicate to my former girl (and current friend) the lovely lass in the hooters sweatpants in the video before. berks county yo!

November 13, 2007

"killer of sheep"

since i was bugging justin to see this a few months ago-- and because it comes out on dvd this week (with a million extras, including the director's second feature as well, apparently)-- i figured i'd post the trailer for charles burnett's neglected 1977 film killer of sheep. apparently it's never found a real release due to copyright issues surrounding a VERY NECESSARY usage of dinah washington's gorgeous "this bitter earth." a really beautiful film that i urge you to see, particularly if you like the more understated side of 70's stuff from america (terrence malick, etc.). also, it deals with race and poverty with more nuance and curiosity than most of the B.S. we endure nowadays...

EDIT: in the opposite spirit of dumb copyright laws-- and since rubens and aaron introduced me to this thingie-- i figured i'd share the controversial song in question:

SeeqPod Music beta - Playable Search

Raffaella Carra' - Rumore TVE 1975.mpg

November 10, 2007

Eric Burdon and War - Spirit

holy shit.

November 7, 2007

Divine - Shoot Your Shot

live at the Hacienda in Manchester, 1983

November 6, 2007

dan ackroyd and john belushi take brian wilson surfing in 1976

November 5, 2007

neil patrick harris and nick from "freaks and geeks"...

... are officially my two favorite people on earth...

November 4, 2007

Mormons vs. Black Hebrew Israelites

I want to see a whole series of these. So far, the Black Hebrew Israelite is the clear winner. I want to see him take on a Scientologist, then the winner can take on a Reilian.

November 1, 2007

Loop Collision- yo jack

spent last night in the studio hiding out from the kensington trick or treaters. happy b-day belated -tc

sloss terror