January 31, 2008

January 30, 2008

The Onion is awesome!

The Fall, Blindness

pretty girls, poetry, politics, etc

Christy Turlington and Kate Moss

Galaxie 500 - Tugboat (Live)

Howard Jones - New Song

If anyone is into gay slave mimes, then this is the video for you.

January 29, 2008

douji morita

been diggin' this japanese psych folk singer from the 70's. this is live footage combined with a studio recording of the song.

January 23, 2008

Mister Glasses

...another funny short by Mitch. Have I posted "Welcome to My Study"?

January 22, 2008

January 21, 2008

the israelites

has anyone checked out the comments on my old mormon vs. israelites entry? maybe clem can really become one after all. so far we have:

c coleman said...
mind-blowing. where do I sign up to be a black israelite?

11/6/07 5:05 PM

jay said...
the winner, once the series is finished, should have to debate the Iron Sheik from wwf.

11/7/07 4:45 AM

pastor beavers said...
Very nice, I am a Israelite as well, would be interesting to hear your viewpoint on eternal life, immortality as this is what I have a hard time coming to an agreement with with most Israelites,as there are many factions. Check my website at www.siciaypsilanti.org
Pastor Beavers

11/21/07 4:22 AM

israeliteindeed said...
if you want to find out more about hebrew israelites check out www.isupk.org

12/18/07 7:23 PM

anonymous said...
To the first comment I firstly would like to say that you are either born a hebrew israelite or are let into the covenant through Yahushuah ha mashiac, by accepting that he is the son of Yah and that no man can be saved but by him.
This Hebrew israelite said many truths, you should not add or take away from the scriptures and so do away with the mormon bible. To find out more:


1/13/08 6:25 AM

(Entire City of New York Vs. Black Hebrew Israelites)

I've been sort of obsessed with all kinds of religious zealotry lately and it's sometimes complicit, sometimes antagonistic assymetrical twin, global capitalism, and wishing I could slink off to some place that was like John Lennon's "Imagine," a nice atheistic, warm fuzzy utopia far from immanent nuclear holocaust and ecological crisis, and let rabid humanity duke it out while i sipped ice cold beverages on a raft, but then again i'm still here on planet earth. The video above is from a youtube group called GreatMillstone. These guys have over 800 ten minute videos on Youtube. I think to really get the full effect, one should watch a few other of these at random. By turns depressing, offensive, funny, and every once in a while even somehow oddly sympathetic, until they ruin it by doing something like calling some woman a slut becasue she's wearing pants or some other dumb shit. At their best, they put some of America's dirty laundry that still hasn't been properly dealt with (is there ever going to be justice for things like cointelpro and covert involvement in south america in the 80's, an end to this current war, will the tide of increasing civillian surveillance ever ebb, etc.) in people's faces and allow us to see the mixed reactions of a random sampling of passerbys. At worst they just stand and call people faggots and indulge in half-baked conspiracy. So is your enemy's enemy your friend? Not quite, but they kind of remind me of Fear, G.G. Allin, Charlie Manson, and the Italian Futurists as performers who's views you really can't support, but yet are drawn to because they create situations that demand audience participation and are harder to pin down the more you watch them. Maybe I just miss Philly and New York's public spaces where you can have unexpected encounters with other human beings instead of being isolated in a car all the time, and still miss the heckling/back and forth audience particiaption aspect of old hardcore shows. Theyse guys attack nearly everyone you can possibly think of, including other Black Hebrew Israelites who differ slightly from them in some minor clothing choice, and yet at other times are affable enough to random passerbys like the beligerent old Ukranian woman who they pause to consider may in fact be one of the "true" Israelites like them and seem to appreciate. One of the funniest recurring things is how the main guy will ask one of his associates to begin reading the bible, then immediately cut him off to launch a new diatribe. This is mad War Machine vs. the State from a Thousand Plateaus in all its ambivalnet repulsion/attraction, and less controlled and phonily rehearsed than a daytime trash TV show shouting match to which, true, it is a dangeroulsy similar guilty pleasure.

Dennis Wilson Forever Documentary - Promo

January 18, 2008

banned tv claymation thing

imagine children shreiking in terror at the sight of mark twain...

January 17, 2008

zongamin - azzazza

if erin, jack and justin created their own universe, this is what life would be like within that universe:

January 16, 2008

January 15, 2008


earlier tonite i saw the savages, another movie where philip seymour hoffman demonstrates how he is probably the best american actor since william hurt. found this clip oh god, this national republican nightmare has been this long.

January 13, 2008

from Mee O: R.I.P. Dave Day of the Monks

Dave "Day" Havlicek, the beloved electric banjo player of outfit the Monks, passed away yesterday (January 10).

The Monks' official website simply lists the date of Havlicek's death with a message that says, "Play that banjo in heaven, d.d. We'll miss you."

However, a post on WFMU's Beware of the Blog quotes fellow Monk Eddie Shaw as saying, "Two days before the birthday of his hero, Elvis, Dave Day of the Monks suffered a heart attack and massive brain injury. He has been taken off the life support system today. His work is done."

The members of the Monks started out as five American soldiers stationed in Germany in the 1960s. After leaving the military, they stayed in Germany to continue their career as a band. In 1966, the Monks released their only album, the cult classic Black Monk Time. They broke up a year later but reunited to tour in the '90s.

Since then, they have been the subject of a documentary and a tribute compilation, the latter featuring the likes of the Fall, the Raincoats, the Gossip, Faust, and Mouse on Mars. Their song "Monk Time" appeared at #165 on Pitchfork's list of "The 200 Greatest Songs of the 1960s". Known as much for their image (the members sported the outfits and haircuts of real monks) as their raw sound, the Monks have been hailed as one of the bands that influenced the style and sound of punk rock.

January 12, 2008

pete and the pirates- come on feet

Seesselberg - Synthetic

Nothing goes better with synthesizers than animal skulls.

Motörhead - Motörhead (live)

this is the only heavy metal song I like and if Hawkwind, the Mc5 and the Stooges hadn't existed I probably would never have given Motorhead a spin

Mc5 looking at You

January 10, 2008

January 9, 2008

william kentridge, "felix in exile" (1994)

oh man do i love this guy...

also, i wish there was more "fine art" film and video on youtube already... i guess there's always ubuweb though. wouldn't it be nice to read about some video piece in artforum or whatever, and be able to get a scaled-down sense of it from your computer? i think it would...

dedicated to the japanese honey bees

January 8, 2008

dedicated to carl baratta

(worth watching the entire thing.)

via tc via me

(no this was not edited by throbbing gristle)


jesus licks biting machine

the jesus licks - dalek chorus

January 7, 2008

Blues Control in Austin, TX on 03-16-2007

more blues control

Blues Control, march 2007

i love blues control! they killed it in philly last nite!

January 1, 2008

Enjoy Life in 2008!

Happy New Year

happy new year all