May 30, 2008

hasil adkins, "no more hotdogs"

some gimmicks are so good you can nurse a whole video out of them. also: this song is awesome.

May 28, 2008

Honeycombs - Have I the Right?

this is such a great song. happy belated birthday erin, you should go bouffant i could see you sitting in on drums on this track.

May 27, 2008

ricky walters

Just pretend your name is Ralph.

Happy B-day E.W!

a special day

happy birthday weckles

i think it's today... maybe it was yesterday?

May 26, 2008

Beat Jams - Peruvian Grass

Robyn - Cobrastyle

May 25, 2008

Air Miami - I Hate Milk

May 23, 2008

Dona "Tyler" Nelson

I saw this mini-retrospective of Dona's work strangely the day before this Roberta Smith review. It's not often that a non-sensational painter gets such glowing praise in a Friday review. The show is brave and so is her career. Glad I got my 21 year old ass kicked by her on a regular basis.
Here is the Times review:


Paintings, 1973-Present

Thomas Erben

526 West 26th Street, Chelsea

Through May 31

There are many ways a New York museum could avoid merely validating the art market; one would be to surprise us all and give the New York painter Dona Nelson a survey. She has painted prolifically and innovatively for nearly 40 years, following her own path through the gap between abstraction and representation. She has been sustained by an adventuresome emphasis on materials, an appreciation of outsider art and an athletic (or, more fashionably, “performative”) approach to process that builds on the art of Jackson Pollock and the Minimalist notion of specificity. For Ms. Nelson, however, specificity evolved into a charged compression of feeling, surface fact and optical experience.

Her restless career has dodged the burden (and thus the rewards) of a superficially consistent style. But this show, which sums up 35 years with only 10 works, reveals some of its underlying unities.

For example, a small untitled black-and-white work from 1973 and the quietly hallucinatory “Fleshy Reflection” from 1997 reflect her pursuit of more complex and organic variations on the Minimalist grid. “My Home III” and “My Home IV” from 2000 and 2001, which have an image of a village church in common, use cheesecloth dipped in paint to conflate the white-on-white of modernism with snowy calendar art. The first painting has the added jolt of crazed, spidery flings of intense blue, and the second has a predella of the Nativity.

“April,” a blue abstraction from 2008 that has been worked on from both sides and is attached perpendicular to the wall, seems willfully eccentric. But “Line Street,” a bright, scabby abstraction from 2007, is excellent, as is “The Palmist Reveals the Future of Painting” from 1992, a bright mandalalike image made entirely of short strips of dyed canvas; it shows an immense indigo hand embedded in designs of orange, yellow and purple.

Ms. Nelson is a bit like Marsden Hartley — that is to say, a great risk-taker and consequently a sometimes uneven artist. But in curatorial terms, her lengthening, adventurous career has produced more than enough to work with. ROBERTA SMITH

the amazing intelligence of crows

i thought this was pretty interesting.

May 22, 2008

Thao, Swimming Pools

May 21, 2008

Do tell.

clay davis on the wire

(via wexler)

May 19, 2008

... just incase anyone is planning on going to Club Europa or Exit...

May 18, 2008


It is absolutely necessary to sit on white shag while creating electronic soundscapes!

Times New Viking Live at Strawberry Fields

May 17, 2008

Sex's Pistols: Holidays in the Sun (Budapest - Tütü Tango)

budapest sex pistols:
(i love that paul cook is wearing a tie!)
A Sex's Pistols együttes 2000. június 18-án (Tütü Tango, Budapest) felvett búcsúkoncertje. A rossz minőség ellenére élvezzétek sok szeretettel!

Johnny Rotten -- ének: Zorro de Bianco (Fehér Zoltán), alias Zolirotten
Sid Vicious, basszus -- ének: Csobai Tamás (ex-Slag gitáros)
Steve Jones, gitár -- ének: Gerzson János
Paul Cook -- dobok: Kalászi Tamás
(ill. ahogy az dobosoknál lenni szokott, mindig más..

T.Rextasy and Mungo Jerry

a copy of a copy from germany june 1997 ray dorset does his best barney rubble

Johnny Depp talks about The Clash

captain jack sparrow opens up about the sincerity of the clash. (don't mind the torches and the raging bonfire they are just for atmosphere)

Mungo Jerry - In the summertime

when dr. hook is playing at my house mungo jerry gets the crowd ready.

May 16, 2008

kevin james, a right wing radio guy, and fool

for those who haven't seen this treat. the smack down arrives at about the five minute mark or so.

May 15, 2008


online version of guy debord's "game of war"

May 13, 2008

r.i.p. klaus dinger & robert rauschenberg

neu! hero

rauschenberg - erased dekooning

May 12, 2008

One Life to Live Opening - Snoop Dogg Edition

Snoop says he's been a fan of One Life To Live since he was a child. "My momma always had [One Life To Live] on the tube in tha crib growing up," he said. "The opportunity to change up the theme song and give it some of my flavour will make the show the 'Life Of The Party.'"

May 10, 2008

I'm too sad to tell you (1971) - Bas Jan Ader

My girlfriend recently turned me onto Bas Jan Ader. Definitely check out the website

I thought I recently turned into a mellow dude filled with less bitterness and hate...but then I saw this.

May 8, 2008

softboiled eggies: so high

one of my friends turned me on to this LA band

May 7, 2008

Italian Broadcaster and his escalating excitement

did anybody ever get this way about art or music? hopefully.

May 6, 2008

My Bloody Valentine, Only Shallow

i know they are no dr. hook but . . .


06-20 London, England - The Roundhouse
06-21 London, England - The Roundhouse
06-22 London, England - The Roundhouse
06-23 London, England - The Roundhouse
06-24 London, England - The Roundhouse
06-28 Manchester, England - Apollo
06-29 Manchester, England - Apollo
07-02 Glasgow, Scotland - Barrowland
07-03 Glasgow, Scotland - Barrowland
07-03-06 Roskilde, Denmark - Roskilde Festival
07-09 Paris, France - Zenith
07-17-20 Benicàssim, Spain - Festival Internacional de Benicàssim
07-25 Naeba, Japan - Fuji Rock Festival
08-08 Oslo, Norway - Øya Festival
09-05 Isle of Wight, England - Bestival
09-19-21 Monticello, NY - Kutshers Country Club (ATP New York)
09-22 New York, NY - Roseland
09-23 New York, NY - Roseland
09-25 Toronto, Ontario - Ricoh
09-27 Chicago, IL - Aragon Ballroom
09-30 San Francisco, CA - The Concourse
10-01 Los Angeles, CA - Santa Monica Civic
10-02 Los Angeles, CA - Santa Monica Civic

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

magic, etc.

May 5, 2008

David Copperfield Floating Over the Grand Canyon (featuring Bonnie Tyler)

I was going to write something, but I feel this clip really speaks for itself.

buffy sainte-marie teaches big bird a thing or two

May 2, 2008

the cannanes: we drink bitter

my dear boyfriend just alerted me to the news that the cannanes will be playing in nyc on june 15 as part of this year's popfest shows. i am very, very excited.