October 31, 2008

Jonathan Richman - I'm A Little Dinosaur

for this halloween one could go as jonathan richman as a little dinosaur. or one could just go as ivor cutler introducing jonathan richman as a little dinosaur.

October 30, 2008

October 29, 2008

Go Phillies!

...and go Obama!

Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell Trailer

going to see this tonite then rooting on the phillies through the remaining 3 1/2 innings suspended from the other night. let's go phillies!!!

30 Years of Film @ International House

Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell
Wednesday, October 29 at 7pm

Tel: 215-387-5125 • Fax: 215-895-6535
3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104, USA

October 28, 2008

las malas amistades, "la prima"

in honor of my new-found non-hatred of the "munch" VHS, i thought i'd post some las malas amistades, since it occurred to me that they're basically the colombian version of stinky fire engine?

(tc, do you know this band? i think you would like them...)

Doctor Who (Part 1) - Bongo Les and Herman

dub reggae doctor who theme!

Hole - Yes She is my Skinhead girl (live Koln 1995)

the lovely courtney love giving this unrest chestnut a whirl.

here's a bunch more from 'munch." now do i win the 'most downtime at work' prize? magnetic fields had a video for 'love goes home to paris in the spring' on there too, but i think someone put that up on here already.

Meek - Necklace

Dan's un-favorite song from the 'munch' video compilation the black tambourine video is from.

Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi Off The Bridge

the audio is bad but omg a black tambourine video! for the record can one be in love with both aggi and pam berry? i know i am. it must be nice to be stephen pastel and have them both pining for you.

The Pooh Sticks - Teenage High (song only)

the great woefully underrated Pooh Sticks!

royersford, pa


tom baker

October 25, 2008

Hitchens endorses Obama

may i say lord?
i'd prefer you didn't.
may i say darling?
no you may not.

October 22, 2008

let's go phillies!, etc

this early morning i am all about the phils in the world series and if they go onto win i will share with many of you my kindergarten class photo from 1980 where i wore my phillies ball cap - but there also is this exploding bedrock conservatives endorsing obama angle. in addition to colin powell's endorsment (and the resulting conservative backlash) - christopher buckley was fired "from the magazine his father invented" in the words of the formerly polarizing figure peggy noonan for stating he was voting for obama - read the rest in this great article she wrote the other day. http://www.peggynoonan.com/article.php?article=438

N.B. she wrote possibly 90% of ronald reagan's speeches.

October 21, 2008

powell endorsement of obama

wow. well said.

chomsky on the election

haven't heard anyone else verbalize quite so precisely how i feel...

October 20, 2008

muslim mc cain fans confront racists at a rally

as much as i disagree with these people politically, i was pleasantly surprised to see this among all the "let's-oggle-at-the-right-wing-crackpots" posts that are making the rounds lately. muslims are really taking a beating this election, and it's nice to see some positive representation, from the right or the left...

r.i.p. rudy ray moore

show a little respect, you rat-soup eatin junkyard muthafuckas.

Dolemite! The Signified Monkey

when chris smith and i were younger it started with mad and cracked magazines and ice tea soda candy pizza etc. staying up late to watch david letterman. then stolen beers and chris' cassette of delirious by eddie murphy and soon enough we were kicking back 40 ouncers and renting dolemite over and over and pissing ourselves. rest in peace rudy ray moore. dolemite is the baddest motherf'r in town. also chris and i would go back and forth calling each other the hamburger pimp, surely the shortest screen time yet most memorable character ratio in film history.

Dolemite with the hamburger pimp

October 17, 2008

Big Youth

Windy & Carl

The Clean - Whatever I Do Is Right

this goes out to the willow libras . . . yo yo ma ma!!!!!

October 16, 2008

THE TIMES looking at the world thru dark shades Germany 1985

Happy Birthday TC! How many of us damn Willow Libras are there?

October 15, 2008

矢井田瞳 My Sweet Darling

i am not sure if the birthday song is by hitomi yaida but this is my favorite song of hers. this is a fantastic pop song.

happy birthday tc!


October 14, 2008

terrifying spoken word performance

holy shit! this is about killing your lovechild? help me out with this one.

baby preacher


Eleanor Roosevelt Sells Out!

even more shocking than johhny rotten..

October 13, 2008

October 12, 2008

Times New Viking - Thing With A Hook

hey erin cool running into you randomly on front street . glad you and robert came into the show. times new viking were great.

October 11, 2008

Marie Osmond - Silly Love Songs

heart, "magic man"

i was listening to classic rock radio the other day, for the first time in many years, and re-kindled my love affair with this song. speaking of re-kindled love, nancy wilson (the guitarist) is beautiful. cameron crowe is a lucky dude. i like how nonchalant she is in the video; total no-bullshit style. she has cool boots on too. i'd dress like her if i was a girl. i'd dress like the bass player if i was awesome.

October 9, 2008

John Lennon stand by me

happy birthday john lennon (and sean)!!

this past summer i got into a heated argument with michael gibbons of bardo pond when i said that my favorite beatle was paul mccartney. we eventually made up and in some ways i should have clarified my point better. most of my gripes with john have to do with how he treated julian on one hand and wrote a song like 'mother' on the other. also i am a pop music fan and paul along with the bee gees and bjorn and benny of abba is a true true master of pop. yet i have a special feeling for john i was born 5 days after sean and i remember watching television with my mother when john's death was announced. i also got a chance once to spend the night at my friend's parent's apartment in the Dakota and i had such goosebumps being in the building he yoko and sean called home. on an october 9th eight years ago i left my apartment in brooklyn and walked a few short blocks to an opening at Momenta Art. I was desperately in love with a french/japanese woman who lived in la and i remember recounting that day to her later on the phone. my freshly washed hair blowing in a beautiful fall day, the sound of 'midnight train to georgia' slipping through an opened window and the sight of 'happy birthday john and sean' spelled out in smoke in the sky 'love yoko' but really love from all of us.

i spent the last two days in the studio and today in particular it was thrilling to work alongside the sound of all of the john lennon dedications. his version of stand by me is one of my favorites.

also if you are in philly tomorrow night or before december 6th do stop by Fleisher/Ollman Gallery. I have two drawings in this show and I am very honored to be included in this great group of work. ok happy birthday john lennon (and sean) and let's go Phillies!!!!!!!!!!


James Castle, untitled (figures sitting), n.d., found paper, soot

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is pleased to announce the first exhibition of it's 2008-2009 exhibition, Castle in Context. As a counterpoint to norms of categorization and distinction, the exhibition places James Castle in the context of art historical discourse by enabling the viewer to connect the artist's soot-and-spit drawings and found-object constructions with the work of contemporaries, many of whose practices were (or are) firmly rooted in the art world. Castle, who was born profoundly deaf and never learned to speak, read or sign, remained isolated from these mainstream communities.

The show will include: James Castle, Forrest Bess, Marvin Bileck, Pearl Blauvelt, Oscar Bluemner, Charles Burchfield, Anthony Campuzano, Joseph Cornell, Philip Guston, Alfred Jensen, Jasper Johns, Tristin Lowe, Agnes Martin, Native American art, Emily Nelligan, Jim Nutt, Christina Ramberg, Ann Ryan, Donald Sultan, John Walker, Terry Winters, Grant Wood and Joseph Yoakum.

Castle saw a surplus, a mid-century excess of stuff, and he reversed it. His articulations of ecology and economy were entwined. To him, the 'natural' (over-determined) relations between things-environmental things, cultural things, word things-demanded a perspectival reconsideration, a reevaluation of every artifact, relic, or fossil as potentially gut-punch personal, containing a mine-able truth value and an emotional ore inside the dull, scavenged stone. What could be more political than that? What could be more punk? He retrofitted the obscure, cocksure language of commerce and classroom, a language probably mostly mysterious to him, into lovely private codes at once arcane and transparently poetic. Here's an idea close to the hearts and minds of all those youngers: coding, the idea that what we do--what I do--is secret. OK, but make it matter to us; give us a map to how it means, or risk-dissolving into belly-button wankery. Look at the Castles. Think collectively and privately; temper analysis with innervisions (good Stevie Wonder record, that one). Make things that change minds.

-excerpted from a tack-sharp epistolary exchange between William Pym and Brendan Greaves, which
will be available in its entirety in a limited-edition publication created to accompany the show

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery | 1616 Walnut Street | Suite 100 | Philadelphia | PA | 19103

October 8, 2008

Flamin' Groovies "Shake Some Action"

Happy Birthday Aaron Carroll !!!

Bob Dylan: Cold Irons Bound

20 miles outta town/ cold irons bound

October 7, 2008

the crazy robertson

this guy dances and prances every day around where i work in west hollywood on robertson blvd., hence the name. sometimes with roller blades, sometimes without. the thing not to miss is his GIGANTIC OLD MAN BALLSACK that is kept from sliding down past his knee inside his tights by a punky-brewster style leg bandanna, sometimes bright red acconpanied by matching armband.....enter d-bags. $weet!

looking for bubbles inc?

my friend just sent me this:


he ride the el to work, he paint

power to the people - wildwood 80s!

i love freedom of expression. "some guy i seen dancing in wildwood in the 80s".

October 6, 2008

mountain dew

John Lydon butter commercial

"ever get the felling you've been cheated?"

over and over again johnny over and over.

October 4, 2008

sir douglas quintet_nuevo laredo

Happy Birthday Clem! sorry I'm a little late.

apparently andrew jackson knew how to kick it...

i stumbled across a really funny article the other day (via arts and letters daily about the inaugural party that began the administration of andrew jackson. click the excerpt to read the whole thing:

This “reception” went awry from the start. When the staff opened the doors to bring out the first barrels of orange and rum punch, the exultant crowd burst in and knocked several over, soaking the floor in sticky booze and smashed glasses. The guests were, said eyewitness Margaret Bayard Smith, “a rabble, a mob, of boys, negros, women, children, scrambling, fighting, romping… Ladies fainted, men were seen with bloody noses, and such a scene of confusion as is impossible to describe.” The crowd quickly took possession of the White House: So many people were squeezed inside that the building itself creaked and shuddered dangerously. A bodyguard of loyal friends had to form a ring around the scarecrow figure of Jackson so he wouldn’t be crushed to death or asphyxiated by well-wishers. The strangers behaved if they were in a Mississippi saloon, standing in mud-caked boots on the damask chairs for a better view. But it wasn’t all riff-raff. Even some of the stuffy D.C. toffs got into the anarchic spirit. “Everyone from the highest and most polished,” marveled one attendee, Joseph Story, an associate judge of the Supreme Court, “down to the most vulgar and gross of the nation,” wanted their slice of the action. There are numerous accounts from well-to-do white observers who were shocked to see free African-Americans in the throng, including bevies of children and one “stout black wench” (noted Senator James Hamilton Jr. with disdain) who sat by herself in a back room, “eating in this free country a jelley with a gold spoon in the President’s House.” Some compared the crowd to the barbarians in Rome.

October 2, 2008

Pulp - Babies

Def Leppard - Photograph

there is an interesting moment in the Made In Sheffield documentary where they acknowledge Def Leppard. a member of Cabert Volitaire recalls Joe Elliot telling him loud hard rock is where the money is. my measure of whether i am a fan of a band is if i like more than three singles. Def Leppard fits my criteria and perhaps when i look at Cabaret Volitaire's work I can't specify the singles - but I can see how Pulp is equal parts Def Leppard and Cabert Volitaire. Pulp has over a dozen hit singles in my book.

Made In Sheffield - The Birth Of Electronic Pop

i have recently seen three great movies. one is this movie Made In Sheffield. the second was Animal House by jonathan landis which i surprisingly had never seen before. (i am in now in love equally with Karen Allen and Mary Louise Weller)
yet last nite i may have seen the best in this batch via a recommendation from the mellow legend who had seen it previously at BAM i saw it last night at the International House in philly, this movie begs a dvd release: Phileppe Garrel's "I Can No Longer Hear The Guitar" which loosely dramatizes his life with Nico and was filmed 3 short years after her death on a bicycle.


October 1, 2008

more katie couric goodness

so, i'm sure we're all gonna see this clip of sarah palin not being able to name a supreme court case other than roe vs. wade about a hundred million times over the next few days, but i thought i'd post the full segment to showcase biden's surprisingly sensitive response to the same set of questions. i'm no fan of biden-- he's been a toadie for the credit card industry in delaware and he's one of the key figures in our bullshit "war on drugs"-- but i think he's been a decent VP choice so far nonetheless. hopefully he won't fuck up tomorrow night...

(somewhere dred scott is weeping...)

another awesome animation (from Rubens)

johnny boy - you was the generation that bought more shoes

& you get what you deserve.

cant get this to post but watch this video here:

killer single and quite relevant in light of current economic events. -bubbles inc.