July 10, 2007

winsor mc cay's "sinking of the lusitania"

i was happy to discover today that there are a number of extremely early winsor mc cay animations available on youtube. here's my personal fave, the sinking of the lusitania... the content is a little gung-ho patriotic and the quality isn't great, but it's still totally beautiful. this is, like, the real-deal earliest animation shit folks:

mc cay is also famous for the turn of the century comic-strip little nemo in slumberland, which is probably one of the most beautiful things on earth. some more info, if you're unfamiliar:



Aaron Wexler said...

Amazing! I'm totally turned on to that.
I wish I could see that projected in the original format
it was intended to be seen in. I wonder if it would
translate being projected digitally?

dan said...

there's an official dvd release of most of these that's much higher quality... it's called "the film works of winsor mc cay" or something. definitely region one, and netflixable or available in hip NYC rental places. definitely check out the comic strip stuff too. i always see books of his in that great bookstore in williamsburg that's called "bedknobs and broomsticks" or something weird like that. keep an eye out next time you're in there because YOU LOVE WILLIAMSBURG SO MUCH.

jay said...

The way the smoke moves is amazing.