September 19, 2007

hot chip - no fit state (live@glastonbury'07)

this summer while working on my show i listened alot to this mix will made me which included this performance. he is friends with a member of this band and asked him why he broke into temptation near the end. he said that since the bulk of the song is inspired by temptation it seemed right to give it its due. i suggested to will that perhaps when you play to 80000 people at glastonbury you cant help but feel like new order and so one of their songs just comes out of your fingertips.

tomorrow my new solo exhibition opens
thursday september 20th at fleisher ollman
gallery 1616 walnut street suite 100 there will be a reception that day from 6-8 the show runs through october 27th.

also showing in the gallery will be fellow tyler alum anissa mack which is a real treasure.
my show is called 'Note On Door' and will center around a suite of 9 82"x38" paintings.
we are producing a catalog for the show which includes among other things:
essays by william pym, pablo colapinto, and anthony campuzano and interviews with andy bell of erasure, legendary chicago bulls power-forward charles oakley, and shaun ryder of the happy mondays

ok also on thursday september 27th i will be a visiting artist at pafa and will be giving a lecture at 11:30. the lecture will be in the morris building at broad and cherry. the lecture is open to the public.


dan said...

i'll try to pop in at some point tomorrow... also, i saw the show you were in @ PAFA a few weeks back-- more or less by accident-- and really liked the whole show in general... i ended up there for the hell of it b/c a friend was in town, and i was pleasantly surprised by the recent acquistions show, as well as the great westermann thing too!

little stevie james said...

wish i could be there, tc.
i'm sad about it.
the road is good.